Here is a manual for those who need to prepare their car for Canada’s most anticipated season

  1. Switch from snow tires to all-season or summer tires

There are two types of tires for the car, Summer and winter tires. They both are termed for their functionality for each season. During summertime, It is highly recommended to change your tires. When the weather starts warming up, winter tires tend to wear quickly. Once the temperatures increase above 7 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to change to your all-season/summer tires. Summer tires provide good grip and handling while driving on wet and dry roads. Summer tires provide good grip and handling while driving on wet and dry roads.
If there isn’t much snow on the horizon and temperatures remain consistently warm, schedule your appointment for the end of June. You’ll avoid the crowds, and headaches, and potentially save money.

2. Air conditioning

Usage of AC in the summer season is higher than in any season. It is vital to test out your AC to make sure it is functioning properly. If the AC is not working properly or the air coming out is warmer than it is supposed to be, Get your car checked with a professional.

3. Inspect your battery

Warm temperatures are not favorable for cars. High temperatures under the hood during hot weather increase battery deterioration. Water can also evaporate from the liquid electrolyte of the battery. As a result, here’s what happened. Battery capacity is reduced, as is the ability to start an engine. As a result, battery life is reduced. It is important to get your battery checked before and during summer.

4. Brake checks

Brakes are the most crucial safety aspect of your car, therefore they should always be in good working order no matter what season you’re traveling in. Have your brake pads and brake shoes inspected by a trained brake specialist before you start your car this summer.

5. Windshield wipers

To see clearly, you’ll need a set of windshield wipers that can properly distribute the water. Check the wiper fluid reservoir and, if necessary, top it off. Some people may also use a bug-clearing solution.

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